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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these bags keep my insulin cool in warm to hot climate?

  • These bags are equipped with a special formulated gel pack and gel pouch to generate a cooling process inside the bags

  • The Easybag Classic will provide a cooling temperature of between 16-25 degC in moderate to warm climate

  • The iCool Weekender and Prestige will provide a cooling temperature between 2-8 degC in moderate to hot climate

Other than insulin, what other medications can be use with these bags?

  • These bags were designed to keep ALL types of temperature sensitive medications cool.

What differentiates your cooling bags from other cooling bags currently on the market?

  • Most cooling bags on the market today use an ice pack that is formulated with water and anti-freeze which usually stays frozen for up to 4 hours before they defrost.  Once the defrosting starts, the inside of the bag will get wet from the heavy condensation of the ice pack.

  • With our iCool Weekender and Prestige, the special formulated gel polymer will stay frozen for up to 11 hours before it starts to defrost and therefore providing a longer cooling support.  In addition, the gel pack is covered with a layer of PVC material that allows for very little condensation and therefore keeping your bag dry and nice.

  • Our Easybag Classic is designed with a patented gel pouch that absorbs 600 times its quantity of water which expands the pouch and provides a cooling temperature between 16-25 degC for 5 days. Currently there are no other medication cooling bags on the market that do this

Could I use these bags in cold or freezing climate? 

  • Do not use these bags in freezing temperature.

  • The gel pack and gel pouch were designed to create a cooling support and using these bags in freezing temperature or climate will potentially damage the medication.

Why do I need to freeze the gel pack for 14 hours?

  • Freezing the gel packs at -18 degC for 14 hours or more will ensure it will maximise the cooling properties of the gel

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