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Comfy Pads

  • Comfy Pad

Comfy Pads for Insulin Injections

For more comfortable injections

The MedActiv Comfy Pad is warmed in the microwave and placed on the injection site to dilate blood vessels and make injections more comfortable.

Injections with cold medications can be very painful. The Comfy Pad has been specially designed to make the injection easier. Simply place the Comfy Pad in the microwave for a minute and place it on the injection site for easy and painless injections.

Used for:
  • Insulin
  • Growth hormone (Nutropin, Novotropine, Omnitrope, Genotonorm, Saizen)
  • Polyarthritis medication (Enbrel, Humira, Forsteo)
  • Any medication that must be kept cold and then injected.

Dimensions: 140 x 160 x 10mm
Weight: 80g

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Comfy Pad


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Comfy Pad


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