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Hi David,

Medactiv absolutely great. Did everything expected and more. Couldn't recommend more.
Bev Byrne

Hi David,

Thank you for your advice. I ordered my iCool Medicube and received it very quickly! I am very grateful for this product, it has certainly saved me a lot of anxiety about travelling with my Humira!
Thank you for a wonderful service.
Kind regards,
Emma Baynie

Will be putting our recommendation for the Medicube on the Humira chat site and our Humira supplier. In the past we have used Medi-fridges with rechargeable battery's (8hrs life). The fridges have to be modified or the Humira Pens cut down to fit the fridges, the Medicube is the first product that suits the larger Humira pens, fits more than two pens and caters for the under 8 degrees for a length of time.
With the fridges we had to travel together, with the Medicube it has giving us the confidence that my Wife (who uses the Humira) could travel alone.
With thanks again
Peter Hayes.

Hi David,

Thank you for calling in and taking such an interest in solving our problem. I have processed the payment see attached. We are running our 1st test with the MediCube and I will send you some results when we have them.

Hi David,

Thanks a thousand times for your kind response to my emails. I must admit I have been worried about the whole Humira transporting thing for quite a while and the iCool MediCube will be putting an end to what our son Vincent must think of as a "Mum is overdoing it"-issue. Vincent will send you an email to let you know how his journey with the bag and Humira has been or if he will be passing through Melbourne.

Dear Dr Hutton and Pr Nash, bonjour!

Assuming that some of your Patients are annoyed, like us (!), to travel with medications to keep at a low temperature, your Medical Centre may like to save time with them by recommending recently invented revolutionary travel cooler-bags that we have discovered on the internet thanks to our mother tongue, and which are fortunately available in Australia:
We have purchased and tested the iCool MediCube during 48 hours, and are thrilled at the perspective of long haul flights at last turned into a breeze by this "bonsai ice-box" (20cm x 20cm x 20cm externally) which doesn't weigh more than 2kg with its 2 ice-packs!

A new era is beginning.
Laurance Guignet-Linsay

Hi David,

I am pleased to report that after 36 hours of travelling, our daughter's growth hormones arrived cool and safe. Customs was fine - no one even looked inside and, where it did go through X-ray scanners, no one asked us to open it.

Thanks David,

Good to know now exactly what I need as Novo had no solution when I rang a few weeks back. Can you please let me know how much I need to deposit for the iCool prestige and two sets of gel packs plus postage for the extras. Thanks for all your info. I am feeling more confident to travel now.

Hi David,

Yes all is well with the iCool MediCube. It performed very well for us on our recent overseas trip.
As you are aware we relied on the tests I did to allow us to fine tune and successfully complete our trip from Melbourne to Cologne via Singapore, Dubai and Dusseldorf.
Sally carried the MediCube including her medication in her back pack as carry-on luggage. The time period including stop overs from Melbourne to Cologne was about 28 hours so we were very happy with the outcome/performance.
Ted Wale


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