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medactiv travel bags - solutions for the transport of fragile medications
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iCool Prestige - keeping your meds at the perfect temperature
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Totally Cool Travel Bags

MedActiv is the solution for the transportation of medications without the need for power or electricity. These include Isothermic travel bags designed to maintain your medication at an optimum temperature.

Providing the user the freedom to travel knowing that their medications are kept at exactly the right temperature.

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Supporting the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) - Maintaining Cold Chain Storage in the Australian Outback
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Solutions for the transport of fragile medications

EasyBag Single

EasyBag Single


EasyBag Classic

EasyBag Classic


iCool Weekender

iCool Weekender


iCool Prestige

iCool Prestige


iCool MediCube

iCool MediCube


Pharmacist Aaron D'Souza explaining the exciting MedActiv Product Range - medicine storage devices for temperature sensitive medicines.

Let’s make it personal

Uwe Diegel - MedActiv Founder
For Uwe DIEGEL, creator of MedActiv, the company represents a personal investment.

In 2003, my brother almost died following an incident where his medication was accidentally frozen in a hotel. So I started this company because of reasons that are more of a personal nature than just business. MedActiv is for me the ultimate expression of innovation at the service of healthcare. If the MedActiv products are so popular, it is because they are designed by patients for patients and because we speak directly with users of the medications to really understand their needs.

MedActiv is the solution for the transportation of medications without the need for power or electricity

MedActiv bags and cooler wallets are designed to improve your lifestyle with the freedom to travel knowing that your medications are kept at exactly the right temperature.
When sensitive medications are exposed to extreme temperatures, they quickly lose their effectiveness. This constraint hampers users of sensitive medications and limits their lifestyle. MedActiv products improve your lifestyle and provide freedom to travel with your temperature sensitive medications.

LifeInaBox - Product Launch




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